I’m going to be 35 in a few weeks (July 5th!), and like most people, I reflect so I can pick out the good, and the bad, from the past year.

So, today, I sat down and thought about the past year.

I have a deep desire to be the best person I can possibly be.

However, I often get caught up in my past mistakes …

And project those failures onto future endeavors.

That series of events never turns out in my favor.

So, after a brief moment, it didn’t take me long to pull out the biggest lesson, or “a-ha” moment I’ve had in my 34th year on earth …

“There’s Not Enough Time”

Time is a wonderful gift.

But most of us don’t think time is on our side.

As if it’s somehow, for some reason, out to get us.

I think most people would agree that some times they feel “they are racing against the clock”.

When leveraged, time is a wonderful gift.

It can help us shape our current selves to be ready for the future selves we envision and aspire to be.

Quarantine Slowed Me Down.

At first, it was super obnoxious and I found myself constantly wondering what I was missing out on, as time seemed to stand still.

I felt like I was on a roll …

Routine in my fitness.

Fitness compeitions on the agenda for the summer …

Then, BAM!

Everything stopped.

After the initial emotions of facing social and business lockdown, and seeing how the world kept turning …

I then realized just how silly our fascination with time is.

Be Present First.

“There’s never enough time”, we often find ourselves and loved ones lamenting.

I also use to believe that, particularly when I placed my happiness on the number of tasks I could complete in a given time period.

If I didn’t “get enough done”, I felt like I was being lazy.

If I completed a ton of stuff on my task list, I felt accomplished – like I had beaten the clock and somehow manipulated time.

Our society places an unhealthy adoration on the young prodigies of our society; the ones out create large fortunes in short amounts of time.

What we don’t realize is, that most of the pernennial, nationally recongized brands, were founded by individuals who tried, failed, tried again, etc. etc. They were no spring chickens!

All You Really Have Is This Moment

What I’m getting at is this:

Time is made up.

It’s a tool, made up by humans, to serve a purpose.

Sure, it’s super useful when you need to make plans, or have to coordinate your arrival somewhere.

I get all those aspects.

But, don’t tell me you haven’t let the ugly side of time take control of your life before.

The amount of weight we give time often derails us and prevents true appreciation of moments and the very fact WE ARE ALIVE.

We think of time in the future and past, but we rarely think of the present.

We forget that the only REAL TIME we have is this very moment.

This sentence.

And this one, right now.

Why would I worry about missing a shot I haven’t even taken yet?”

Michael Jordan

But, You’re Uniquely Human

As human, we have a uniqueness about us … which allows us to leverage time to our advantage.

This ability is our “future-thought” …

Our ability to delay gratification to reap even greater rewards, when compounded, in the future.

We can use that to motivate our present selves.

What we do NOW, drives our actions and results for the future.

Time gets too much of our attention.

Time is a TOOL.

It’s a used, accepted (and acceptable!) standard that we use to communicate clearly with others.

That brings me back to the beginning: if time runs your life, it will derail your chances to reach your best self.

Here’s the flip …

If you are able to leverage time, apply it when it makes sense, and ignore it otherwise,  you’ll be set up to conquer the present and set yourself up for future success.

Cheers! ✌?
-Coach Katie Danger