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There Are A Lot Of Pieces To Your Fitness Journey.

Your Training.

Improving all those areas will undoubtedly lead to better fitness results. However, supplements are often seen as “not necessary” or, if they are being used in a program, are being used ineffectively or even improperly.

Coach Katie Danger works with athletes to develop unique, customized and goal-oriented supplement programs designed to get you better and faster fitness results.

Just like you have a fitness program, or a nutrition/macro plan, utilizing supplements matched to your individuality will get you on the fast track to your goals!

Most athletes know that supplements can help them reach their fitness goals.

BUT, most athletes use supplements incorrectly and end up getting frustrated when they don’t get results and think “supplements don’t work”.

With personalized supplement programs, tailored to individual goals, you’ll get better and faster fitness results, without the frustration!

Saying no to supplements is saying that you’re ok with not reaching your ultimate potential.

Individual Supplement Program

After your assessments are received, Coach Katie will dive in and create a perfect, goal-oriented supplement program!

30 Minute Check-In Call

Every Program comes with a 30 Minute Virtual Consultation to help ensure your program is working, get feedback and make any necessary tweaks to keep you on target!

Community Support

Get 24/7 Community Forum access so you can ask questions and get answers quickly!


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