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To Reach Your Fitness Goals, You Need To Work Hard. AND SMART.

My personal and individual workout training programs will help you have a plan, focus, motivation and clear path to your fitness goals.

✅ Want to lose weight? I can program for that.
✅ Want to put on muscle? I can program for that.
✅ Want to get ready for a competition? I can program for that.
✅ Want to get stronger? I can program for that!!


All my programs (no matter if they are 4, 6, or 8 weeks) follow the same approach: what is the #1 goal for YOU?
My process for programming starts here: what is your #1 goal and then we look at a program that is within your capacity, but just outside your comfort zone.
Your program will be carefully designed to gradually improve your fitness, with just enough challenge to make it difficult, but not impossible so the motivation stays high.
I know discipline to a program is not all on me, but I do like to think a well thought out program can actually improve discipline and make reaching a fitness goal fun!
Fun fact: Workouts can be both difficult and effective, but also something you look forward to!
Depending on your current level of fitness, will depend on how aggressively the programming would start.
For example, if you are a “couch to 5k” person, the introduction of strength training and cardio would be more gradual.
However, if you’re fairly experienced, a program would not take on a “beginners mentality”.
With the workout programs I focus solely on the exercise portion of fitness (no nutrition offered in this particular instance – BUT will get a free custom nutrition PDF that gives her some recommendations on food intake!).
It takes into account your goal, equipment availability, any physical limitations, injuries and then any likes and dislikes you might already have when it comes to exercises.
Programs will include both cardio and resistance training, but depending on your #1 goal, may be more one than the other.
If you’ve downloaded a few of my free training templates you are familiar with the delivery process. Your would be delivered in a similar fashion – in a spreadsheet, but the personal workout programs are highly customized and with the ability for you to log your workout results as well!


Upon purchase confirmation you’ll receive a questionnaire that will help me answer all of these questions so I can create a plan that will guarantee you’ll be markedly better fitness-wise and far closer to your goal in 4 weeks!
You ready? Let’s goooooooooo!

Interested in my FREE training templates? CLICK HERE.


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