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You can only go so long in your Olympic Lifting weight progressions without taking a good, hard look at your technique.

The Snatch and Clean & Jerk are highly technical lifts that rely on more than just a “grip it and rip it” mentality.

If you’re struggling with your Olympic Lifts, to include flexibility, strength, stability, and/or recurring injuries …

Having your lifts reviewed by an Olympic Lifting certified coach is essential to your improvement in the Olympic Lifts.

Train Smart.

Train Hard.

What Do You Get?

✅  Each Video Review includes one (1) Snatch and one (1) Clean & Jerk Video Review.

✅  You will receive up to FIVE points of performance including verbal cued feedback and a text version to support your learning style.

✅  All video reviews are done via Coach’s Eye video review software.

✅  All video reviews are done by ME, Coach Katie Danger, and once video is received from the athlete, all video reviews are completed within 72 hours of order.

Why Work With Me?

I am a proud coach and Master’s Athlete of United States Weightlifting.

I am also a CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified, USAW Level 1 Coach, and ACE certified personal trainer.

My Personal Records (55kg weight class):
Snatch: 72kg – 160#
Clean & Jerk: 102kg – 225#
Total: 174kg




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