“How To Set Goals in 2022” Show highlights include:

  • Why “SMART Goals” goal setting theory is stupid and doesn’t help you achieve your dreams ([3:50])
  • The reason why enjoying the day-in, day-out mundane actions of achieving your goals is the #1 predictor of success ([9:51])
  • The weird way coming up short on your goal setting can be more fulfilling than achieving them ([11:05])
  • The “DADOP Method” for goal setting in 2021 that takes you from Point A to Point B in record time ([14:24])
  • Why being upfront with yourself about all the obstacles you’ll face helps you conquer them with ease ([15:55])
  • How taking two weeks off from attacking your goals can refocus and re-inspire you in your goal setting (even if it feels like you’re wasting time) ([21:22])
  • The wacky “South Park” method for goal setting that might be the reason you’re not achieving your goals right now ([23:26])

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