Ryan Murphy Is A Sellout – Show highlights include:

  • How watching the Olympics shatters all the glass ceilings you have about your own body (even if you’re not an Olympic level athlete) ([11:31])
  • Why putting Olympic athletes like Ryan Murphy on a pedestal can create serious, debilitating, and life-threatening diseases ([14:20])
  • Are you disappointed in American government and politics? Here’s the insidious way Big Pharma is behind it all (and more reasons why Ryan Murphy is a sellout) ([15:01])
  • How celebrity commercials like Ryan Murphy’s, trick consumers into taking dangerous pharmaceutical drugs (especially when the athletes don’t even take what they promote) ([16:36])
  • The sly way Coca-Cola uses athletes to mislead Americans into thinking sugar doesn’t cause type 2 diabetes and heart disease ([19:08])

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