Show highlights include:

  • Why your cookie cutter New Years fitness templates won’t last more than a few weeks into the new year (and the “missing ingredient” that will empower you all year) ([4:39]) 
  • The “Ask Yourself Why Exercise” that helps you surpass all your wildest 2021 fitness goals (even if you have major setbacks) ([7:25]) 
  • How to navigate negative emotional storms when life gets tough without sacrificing your fitness goals ([9:18]) 
  • The weird way a life coach can 10x your fitness accomplishments this year ([10:07]) 
  • Always hitting a plateau in your fitness journey? Here’s the rarely-talked about 3-ingredient recipe that will catapult you over it — especially if you’ve been stuck there for years ([11:40]) 
  • The “Hotel Maid’s Mindset Secret” that drastically improved every facet of their health (even when other maids doing the same exact work didn’t improve their health) ([16:17])  

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