Show highlights include:

  • The “IIFYM Trick” that lets you “get away” with eating whatever you want (without sacrificing your weight gain or weight loss goals) ([5:03]
  • Why the “Bodybuilder’s Diet” will make you miserable (even if you reach your most ambitious goals) ([7:05]
  • How protein can save your muscles from becoming flabby during a 2-3 month break in your lifting routine ([11:30]
  • Why following a IIFYM diet makes it harder for you to “plateau” and ruin all your progress ([14:57]
  • The 80/20 rule for picking your carbs that will help you reach your goals (while still enjoying cake every so often) ([18:13]
  • How flexible diets help you build more discipline with your nutrition than restrictive diets ([18:34]

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