Show highlights include:

  • Why supplements don’t work ([0:44]
  • The biggest food blunder you’re making when trying to gain muscle mass ([1:21]
  • The 4 “non-negotiables” you must do to pack on muscle mass ([2:13]
  • Why dropping your caloric intake is a horrible idea ([3:21]
  • How to build muscle mass doing nothing other than sitting on your couch watching T.V. ([4:28]
  • If your protein isn’t from one of these 3 sources, you sacrificing gains ([6:12]
  • These two foods will grow your muscles faster than any other food ([7:29]
  • The exact time to take protein to maximize your gains after a workout ([8:23]
  • The 3 best supplements that will have you reaching your goals lickety-split ([11:05]

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