Show highlights include:

  • The promises that we want to believe but fat burners can’t keep ([1:02])
  • What you need to make a fat burner work (it’s more than just faith!) ([1:55])
  • The one thing a fat burner can’t do ([3:51])
  • What is safe weight loss and how much should you lose? ([4:53])
  • What to do when your fat burner stops working and you quit seeing results ([5:24])
  • Why more is not always better in the world of fat burners ([5:58])
  • How to burn fat for long term results ([6:44])
  • Why eating less is not the answer ([7:56])
  • How too much caffeine is keeping you fat ([8:49])
  • The best fat burner for you ([10:10])
  • The 5 ingredients your fat burner needs to have to be the most effective ([10:55])
  • When will you see results and how to track them ([12:40])

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