Episode #38: What is the IIFYM Diet?

Episode #38: What is the IIFYM Diet?

Show highlights include: The “IIFYM Trick” that lets you “get away” with eating whatever you want (without sacrificing your weight gain or weight loss goals) (5:03)  Why the “Bodybuilder’s Diet” will make you miserable (even if you reach your most ambitious goals)...

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Episode #37:  Who is Coach Katie Danger?

Episode #37: Who is Coach Katie Danger?

Show highlights include: The Military’s Secret for getting the most out of your fitness journey (without breaking your back) (2:15)  The subtle mindset shift that instantly transforms demanding roadblocks on your fitness journey into fun, conquerable challenges...

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Episode #36: Where You’ve Been, Where You’re Going

Episode #36: Where You’ve Been, Where You’re Going

Show highlights include: How the universe will conspire all its might to get you what you want (even if it sounds ridiculous) (4:22) Why being selfish is the best way to help other people (14:35) The case for ditching your lifelong dreams for a risky venture that...

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Episode #35: Do You Believe In Yourself?

Episode #35: Do You Believe In Yourself?

Show highlights include: How to have a brutal workout (without counting reps or tracking how much you lift) (2:33) The single biggest goal “assassin” that stops you from reaching them (6:12) Why patience is an athlete’s super power (8:11) How you’re accidentally...

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Episode #34: What Makes A Good Coach?

Episode #34: What Makes A Good Coach?

Show highlights include: Why coaching credentials don’t mean squat (4:17) How a trainer can stunt your progress and make you worse off (6:40) Why you’ll get better results by working with a fun coach (7:04) Why you should always run away from coaches who verbally...

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Episode #33: Why You Should Skip Breakfast

Episode #33: Why You Should Skip Breakfast

Show highlights include: Why eating breakfast is stopping you from reaching your fitness goals faster (even if you work out in the morning) (3:26) An easy way to lose weight, increase your energy, build more muscle, burn more fat, and sleep better (without dieting)...

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  • Love listening and learning
    by Madd Dog Mona from United States

    I always love listening and always feel like I have learned something new. You will never regret listening.

  • Coach Katie Danger
    by mcbridekelly from United States

    I have been using Red Nutrition supplements for about six months now and all I can say is I am a believer!! I was very skeptical. I thought I got all I needed from the foods I eat but I am so wrong. I love RN supplements first and foremost because I know what’s going into my body. Nothing weird. Second, the results are there. Katie has helped me a lot on my journey to be my best self. She really cares about people and helping them be there best.

  • Quick & Informative
    by JaseBurt from United States

    Great quick show based on her experiences that is very informative!

  • Give it a Listen
    by s.yatzee from United States

    Katie is providing good information and resources through the podcast. Definitely worth listening to!

  • Knowledge bites!
    by KB Sandy from United States

    Love getting tidbits of knowledge from this podcast - learn something in every episode!

  • Informational
    by Benji C from United States

    Had to write some of this info down so I can look back on it! Enjoying it greatly so far!

  • Emphasis on *EVERYDAY* athletes
    by Edboone from United States

    This is a great podcast for you. You weren’t a D1 athlete. You don’t have a deal with Nike. Your Instagram has under 100,000 followers. But you like Fitness. You like to move, to sweat, and to have that amazing feeling of being exhausted, full of endorphins, and knowing you accomplished something today. You don’t need advice on getting your mile time sub-5 minutes, but maybe some tips on staying fit with a regular job and a family would be nice. This podcast is for you.

  • A Must Listen!!
    by Gym Thome from United States

    Get real applicable info from real people who work hard!

  • Must Listen!!
    by Drew_Jeansonne from United States

    So much good info in here. The details matter and Katie has laid out the foundations to build a strong, durable and effective structure for your training BASED ON EXPERIENCE (nothing beats that). Red H supplements are a must have in my opinion!

  • Love the information!
    by jasbdusnalfjdd from United States

    I’m a coach and appreciate the information Katie provides when it comes to supplements within fitness. It is not an area I am strong so it is nice to have a good source.