CBD Benefits – Show highlights include:

  • The case for being grateful for your social anxiety and depression ([3:07])
  • How 3 little letters can completely change your life — especially if you suffer from anxiety, depression, and unmanaged stress ([3:41])
  • How a rat “unlocked” hidden receptors in your body that regulate your mood and overall well being ([5:43])
  • How CBD alters the way your brain perceives the daily stressors in your life ([7:20])
  • Is CBD really legal to use? Find out here… ([8:11])
  • The single best way to consume CBD to get the most bang for your buck for your health ([11:11])
  • The exact amount of CBD you should take when you’re starting out ([14:15])
  • The #1 best CBD company around today ([16:26])

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