This is Coach Katie Danger

Everyone is an Athlete.

Here’s a fact that I’m sure you’re probably aware of:

99% of us are NOT elite athletes.

Do you know the population of the USA right now?

It’s about 327 million.

Do you also know that there were only 244 members of the US Olympic Team in 2018?

That’s .0000746% of the US population.

Read that again …

Only .0000746% of Americans are elite, Olympic level athletes.

Those are the facts.

So let me repeat, Not everyone is going to have the physical abilities to be an elite-level athlete.

And that’s ok.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t train like one, eat like one, sleep like one, think like one, etc. etc.

My name is Coach Katie Danger and I believe that everyone is an Athlete.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, an “athlete” is defined as:

“a person trained in sports, games or exercises that require physical skill and strength”.

Simply put, if you are training in an activity that requires motor skills and strength, you’re an athlete.

But you’re not just any kind of athlete.

You’re the Everyday Athlete.

The athlete who comes from a variety of backgrounds.

You juggle all of life’s priorities (and then some) …

You take care of your family …

And you also take time to care for yourself.

You know that if you take care of yourself well, you can take care of your family, too.

That, right there, is the formula for success.

Taking care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

As an Everyday Athlete, you see yourself as a hard worker who wants the most from themselves …

AND also wants to inspire others to be their best, too!

You believe in the process, you believe in the journey ..

I want you to know that you’re in the right place …


I help the Everyday Athlete identify personal and unique opportunities to improve their fitness by unlocking their ultimate flow through foundational principles I’ve learned, implemented and experienced for the past 12 years.

Specifically, I teach and guide athletes to leverage small actions to act as catalysts for HUGE results.

It might sound super fancy, but it’s really simple. And really effective.

Oh, and I should mention it’s absolutely, 100%, positively guaranteed to work.

Who wouldn’t want guaranteed results and progress? 😎

One of my favorite lifts: THE BACK SQUAT

As mentioned before, not everyone is going to make it to the heights of Olympic glory.

At this point, we should be ok with that statistic.

But every athlete, including YOU, can find huge advantages in a personalized, custom training program that meets your lifestyle, your training goals and builds on a foundation of consistency, accountability and empowerment.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”. – Steve Prefontaine

When it comes to consistent fitness improvement, the best you’ve got comes from the optimal flow of three important areas:

  • [Composure]: Confidence in self and abilities
  • [Virtuosity]: Discipline and accountabilty to act with purpose and with the end in mind.
  • [Overcoming Obstacles]: Training obstacles will always present themselves. It’s how you keep going, despite resistance that will determine if you are made … or broken.

The whole point behind all of this is that even though you may not be an elite athlete …

There is no reason you can’t harness the same “secrets” of training and mentality they do for fitness improvement and mastery over their lifetime.

Fitness, your progress … your goals …

This is a journey my friends!

Houston, We Have A Problem ...

Most everyday athletes are so busy following the next cool program …

The next sexy workout routine …

That they fail to realize how powerful consistency in small, concentrated efforts can be.

But you … you GET IT.

I know that because you’re here, reading this, right now.

You’re aware that the journey exists and you’re committed to the trek.

You trust the process, because you trust yourself.

You’re not here because you want a quick fix.

You’re done with those.

You want something for your long term progression as an athlete …

And as a human. And a parent. And a co-worker. And a friend. And a spouse … and the list goes on.

Whatever “hat” you’re wearing, at whatever moment, you’re committed to being the best YOU, you can be.

Mission Statement:

“To lead the everyday athlete with integrity in order to educate, inspire and empower the skills and strength necessary to continually progress on a wellness journey they are confident, excited and proud of.”  – Coach Katie Danger

✅ I Help Athletes Level Up.

I help everyday athletes just like you become stronger and faster so you can be the hero/heroine to the people that matter most to you.

If this resonates with you, stick around!

I’m really glad you stopped by.

It means the world to me!

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If you are committed to your journey, and care about getting the most from your fitness, I’m here to serve you.

Welcome to my world!

– Coach Katie Danger